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XIX – Fine Dining in the “Burbs”

A Night Out With Friends
As the sun sets we begin to gather in a trendy little corner at our local new gourmet restaurant called Nineteen.  There are sixteen of us eager to explore the culinary delights they have to offer.  We have gotten babysitters fancied up and the aperitifs are

We opted to have a longer night and pick what we would like off the menu instead of going with a set menu.  We have done this a few times and most restaurants are really good, this way we explore like “foodies” LOL and share, or take note for next time of all the dishes!  I LOVE that “Mac and Cheese” is now gourmet, but enjoyed even more my husbands response to seeing it on a menu at a fine dining establishment!  “What, they want how much for Mac n Cheese?”  Even funnier was when he ordered the Free Range Chicken ‘Mac & Cheese’ and devoured it, taking back his earlier comment:). It was a potpourri of flavours that made you not want to stop eating.  I had the Chilean Sea Bass that was crusted with an explosion of flavour and the fish melted in your mouth.  The Beef Short Ribs were ordered by a few people who were willing to share with me and it was so hard to stop at just one bite!  Oh my, with my excitement about the main course I almost forgot the salad, we shared a Heirloom Tomato Prosciutto Salad and I am not usually a polenta fan but when mixed with the sweetness of the tomato and the tart balsamic it was scrumptious!

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