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Word Camp Calgary 2013

Word camp Calgary 2013

We went, we learned, we aspired, we drank, we ate deep fried pickles, we word camped!!  What an incredible weekend filled with gurus and the
likes of us.  Teched out, geeked out but had a tonne of fun.  Having a blog we have decided that we will eventually need to spread our wings and fly it
alone…….  So the learning must begin, similar to starting university and walking in with no clue what is to come.  There is a light though we have made some incredible connections in the mama world Edmonton and now in the blogging world in general through this camp.  Like taking on any new experience we are baby stepping it but totally were pumped to get our picture with Chris Garrett not unlike meeting a rock star LOL!  Terms such a SEO and plug in have meaning and are something we will have soon grown to love or hate, the verdict is still out!

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Jackie is a wife and mom first in all that she does and an adventurer, philanthropist, and friend.

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