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Travel is Always Unknown – So Smile!!

Turn that Frown Upside Down

As we escape Edmonton with my school in lock down from the Tornado warnings, we encounter the sheets of rain and hail!   Finally as if there was a passing of a hand to wipe away the weather, the skies clear up and the airport is in sight… We are going to make it to our flight.  Upon arrival, we realize that the storm has impacted departures and we are praying for our
connection in Calgary to be impacted as well. We take off and make it to LA, but later then anticipated and the daunting task of driving to Monterey is just too much.  We decide to abort and wave our hotel night in Monterey if need be, but
contact the hotel to let them know.

Christina had told me of a dream she had, wanting to shop at the outlets before going down the coast, so as if on autopilot we slide into Camarillo and find the Holiday Inn.  It is 1 am and Chrisitna has been up since 4 am… There is a room!! Woohoo!,  Wait no there is no room left….Really where are we???  The amazing front desk man Aaron starts to call around… All sold out…….  Really…  We start to look concerned, I have been smiling up to now and assuring Christina it will all work out.  Aaron
feels our pain, he looks at the computer and tells us he is going to check an out of service room. He comes back with a smile and tells us we can have it.  The night turns around and we are only one turnoff away from the outlets, we fall
asleep with dreams of shoes, dresses, and stores dancing in our head.

The next morning we enjoy the very plentiful “free breakfast” and are at the stores for opening- Saks first thing in the morning, really does it get better? 3 hours later we walk out of our first store, famished but determined, we must finish the first bay of stores before eating, so we push through, unable to coherently make decisions anymore we call it and head to lunch.

I feel so lucky to be able to introduce Christina to Souplantation it is one of my families favorite spots for a quick healthy lunch in the US. The salad is amazing and then followed by baking, pasta, soups, ice cream and amazing freshly made Strawberry Lemonade. Christina raves about the freshly made strawberry butter and we share it on the scrumptious raspberry country muffins that melt the butter as we lather it on…

Back to shopping and I am in awe of how the outlet has grown since I first swiped my way through it five years ago.. Many of the top name stores are there now including, AG, Spyder, Tory Burch, Ugg, Diesel, Elie Tahari, Hugo Boss, Kitson, Last Call, Lacoste, Saks to name a few… We spend 6 more hours then as the sun starts to set decide to hit the road to Monterey….   Let the adventure continue!!

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