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Top Ten Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

 Doing the Little things to Make a Difference With Your Kids

We love doing Random Acts of Kindness whenever we can as a family.  My kids have started to give me ideas!  So many of the ideas are easy to do, and here is a quick reminder of what you can do!  Now is a great time to brainstorm and add to the list for your family.  Please email us with your ideas!

From the Fetter Family to Yours! Top 10  Random acts of kinds ideas for free or under $5

1. Shovel a neighbours walk – even in summer we think about it!!
2. Leave your quarter in the cart and pass it off to someone walking towards the store
3. Send an old fashioned letter to an older relative and include a picture they have drawn
4. Write a note like- Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, and Today is a PRESENT : SMILE and leave it on a windshield – we use sticky notes
5. Pick flowers from your garden and give them to your teacher or any other person you feel is deserving – let the kids pick!
6. Fill parking meters – my kids think this is a blast.
7. Let someone go in front of you in line
8. Give home made baked goods to people like your mailman
9. Grab multiple carts at the airport and hand them out to people waiting to pick up their luggage
10. The ever famous buy the next person a coffee!!

Life Lesson: It takes but a moment to make another person smile

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