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Top 10 Ways To Get Your Child To Open Up After School

When my kids were younger I would often ask the question, “How was your day?” To which the automatic response was,”Good….” I have since learned other more covert ways to get them to dish on their day:

1. If you could change or redo one thing about today, what would it be?
2. In which subject did you agree, disagree with the teacher the most? Why?
3. Did you ask any questions today?  Did you understand the answer?
4. What units are you studying in (insert subject)?… Teach me one thing….
5. Are you doing any group work? How do you find the group members?
6. If you could rate your effort today what would you give yourself? Why?
7. What was your hardest class?  Easiest class? Why?

8. Which teacher would win ____ award? (Funniest, Smartest, etc..) Why?

9. How many days till Christmas Holidays?  Spring Break? End of the year?

10. Follow up with a response they gave you the day before…. So- how is that subject going today?

Over time they have learned to expand on their ideas alone. They know I have many more questions in my repertoire and that I am really listening….  Believe me; we do still have nothing to say on some days, but it has become much less frequent..

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