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The Spotbot Where Have You Been All My Life?

 WHAT! You Just Spilled Your Whole Glass of Juice??

No need to panic when your child comes running to you with that look of terror on their face, to whisper to you, that they have just spilled their juice box, paint, ink from the printer (Oh yeah- that’s what I did last week) all over the carpet!  There is a possible solution, called the Spotbot.  We have almost burned ours out.  It is an amazing machine and has helped take paint, markers, wine, ink, and dirt, just to name a few items out of our carpet. Our model has a hand scrubber and automated mode that you can place it over the stain and let it go to town!  For the really tough stains my son and husband have a system, where as my son sprays solution on the stain, as my husband scrubs.  It often looks worse before it gets better….

spot bot

The machine is loud when it is on auto mode so keep that in mind when you are going to use it.  The solution is at Walmart so it is easy to find and not extremely expensive.  This machine has also saved us money in not having to hire professional cleaners and in buying new carpers!! LOL Make sure you read the instructions and test it accordingly on your carpets.

Happy Scrubbing

Check them out!
This has been written with no promotional interest from Bissell! Just an awesome product!!


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