Published on November 30th, 2012 | by jackiefetter

“The List”

I love stickies, big ones little ones, bright ones, dull ones, shaped ones, square ones, any type of sticky henceforth came the list.  I do love and use electronic organization but there is just something about the crossing off of items as you finish them, or the tearing of the page when you are done, that is so so satisfying.

I use them all year to organize my day, which helps to break it down into bite size chunks; many a friend or colleague has heard me searching for my stickie!!  Then in the summer my kids are pulled into the stickie excitement, and wake up to their beautifully choreographed day laid out on the counter, on of course – a stickie.  At first I thought they would fight it, but no, they find the joy in it as I do in crossing off things and seeing how much has to be done before it is their time to do with as they please.  You have to really wonder about genetics some times, they even like to use the coloured pens to check things off..  Now, they tell me the night before the things they would like added or need more time for.  This is not a life sentence, and they do not have it everyday- as I am sure it would not be as successful, but for now, STICK ON!!


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Jackie is a wife and mom first in all that she does and an adventurer, philanthropist, and friend.

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