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The Dash

Image 2Over the last three months I have really had time to reflect on the dash of life, the sign between birth and death in the paper.  I first heard about this at a luncheon for the Thousand Women campaign and now at two subsequent funerals in the last month.  It has inspired me to think about what do I leave with each person I encounter?  Do I cherish my time with them, do I live to the max….

Then today my son and I went to the memorial service of one of his day home providers who later worked at his school.  What is death he asked.. Can someone just die. How do we balance the unknown and the realities of death? Ease their mind yet be honest with them.  This is something I do not claim to be any expert on.  I have heard differing opinions and stay strong in my opinion that is depends on the child…   We had an amazing heart to heart, answering his questions with honesty but respecting his role in life as a child..

We talked about her story and about celebrating the people around us.  Here we had been to this incredible ladies funeral that had such an important role in my children’s life for 6 months.  Her life had been so full.  They had spent more time with her during those months then I did, and yet I knew so little about her I realized.  She had stood up for freedoms in her home country been imprisoned and helped the impoverished in so many ways.  This made me realize that I need to take the time to know the people around me, to hear about their dash before the funeral.

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