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The Candy Hangover…

Alternatives to Eating Your Way Through Halloween..

The Switch Witch is Coming

Halloween is over and the candy coma has started to subside, what do you do now?  There is still a pile sitting in your kitchen that even at 2 pieces a day you could make it well into the new year!

The switch witch is always a hit with kids.  Let them choose their top 10-20 items and then put it out for the friendly witch.  Make sure kids know it is not a mean scary witch, do not want any nightmares, my daughter informed me years later that she hated St.Patrick’s day because the leprechauns were in our house: ).  After your children have picked the favorites, the witch brings a toy to replace to candy.  Easy peasy….

Homeless shelters, drop in Centers, community churches are a great place to take candy.  They use it for dessert for community lunches, also one Center told me that the sugar helps with people who are trying to stop addictions.  It can be used during their drop in programs as well, anyway, it is helping others instead of packing the bars around your waistband……  Organizations are also starting to collect for Christmas at this time, and candy can be used in many ways: to enhance gifts, parties, and activites. Ask around!  I am sure there will be many worthwhile takers.

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