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Schools Almost Out, What To Do With All That Stuff!!!

Paper, Paper, and More Paper….

June is a time of pure exhaustion and never ending
stuff!!  It starts coming home around  two weeks before school is done, and then
it just keeps coming… What to do with it all?  How do you value the year
without ending up with a room full of papers never to be looked at?  There are
many things you can do to organize and value your child’s educational

Tests can come home throughout the year and usually on mass at
the end.  Grab a binder label the year, put in dividers and insert as they come
home. You may choose to keep this if you have younger children as they are great
study tools… Teachers change but the curriculum is usually the

Artwork is amazing by students and I try to frame a few pieces or
change out artwork from past years.   The clay and sculptures can be harder to
organize so taking a picture is a great way to put it in your albums for the
memories, but not clutter your shelves.  Also having a space in the house where
your kids get to showcase work, but must trade out an item  if they want to add
a new piece is a wonderful way to value their creativity!!

Extra pencils,
crayons, working markers etc… I do a quick assessment and decide what they can
reuse and put them in baggies, making a list on my phone so that I do not
repurchase.  I keep stuff that is barely used or not used but unneeded next year
to donate to tools for schools, then donate the incomplete sets of crayons etc
to the mustard seed or ask the kindergarten teacher if she needs any..  I also
check our home set to make sure it is complete so that kids do not have to tote
supplies back and forth for projects.

The subject area work is the most
daunting, I let the kids pick a few assignments or work and then keep those in
their memory boxes, the rest is sent to be recycled: ).  I also do a quick
assessment to see if anything could be used by my younger child in terms of
notes etc…

The Memory Box…  Each year or two I have a box for the
kids to stash away memories and moments…. Report cards, ticket stubs, medals,
all the items that mark a moment in time and make them who they are.  Some
special school items also end up in here as well.

Technology has also
added a new element of clutter!! Techno clutter that I now help them organize on
USB drives at the end of the year.  Into folders and favourites retitling if

Teachable moment.. Give them choice on what you keep, have
them explain why it is a great piece and take notes.. Being able to recapture
their learning means it stuck and they are doing a higher level of

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