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Published on March 4th, 2015 | by jackiefetter


Mongolie Grill – Healthy Choices

A Stirfry for Everyone

As a follow up to the picky eater article I have to share another one of our favorite quick yet healthy eating out options! We love the Mongolie Grill. There are restaurants like this in almost every city. You are able to pick your personal ingredients and sauce then they cook it on a hot stone. You can also control portion sizes and make a meal for one sitting or ensure their are yummy leftovers for lunch the next day as my son always does. Do be aware though as it can add up, we still laugh at our sons $35 Stirfry adventure…. You can get extra sauce after they cook which we recommend for the rice. All meals come with white or brown rice and soup- Wonton or a curry. We have also got the soup to go as it is really good, and a great lunch as well. The green onion cakes and spring rolls are great appetizers but often to much with everything else.

Then don’t forget the fortune cookie my daughters favourite, we always read then add an ending phrase such as:
– in the bathroom
– on a snowy day
– when I turn 80
– with ketchup

They will cook for allergies but it is on the same grill which is fine for us as traces do not bother us but I am not sure about severe I would call ahead. The other great thing is that they are on opentable so you can reserve enroute and they often have a groupon!

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