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We lost a member of our family last month. Not an grandparent, uncle or cousin, but our furry feline who definitely lived his nine lives.

Sebastien was our family cat. He came into our lives when I was still in university and graced us with his presence for seventeen years (minus his miraculous return after an unexplained two week disappearance). He was all my children ever knew! You knew you were special if he picked your bed to sleep on that day. He was amazing and patient when the boys were crazy toddlers. Sebastien was miffed when he had to share us with a rambunctious puppy that temporarily terrorized him, until he laid down the law…

We’ve had to pick him up from the pound smelling like fish, after getting caught in a cat trap, paid multiple visits to the vet to have absesses sliced and drained from fighting other cats.  Sebastien was so great that non-cat loving visitors has a soft-spot for him.

My father summarized my little guy perfectly:




Sebastien’s ashes are now in a box sitting in one of his favourite spots. In time, we plan on planting a new tree in his honour and spreading his ashes there.


Thanks to all who sent sweet messages of condolences, it meant a lot and is helping me to heal. My heart is still broken and I miss him so much but I know he is somewhere special, maybe playing in a field of catnip or laying in a sunny meadow. Check out The Rainbow Bridge, it is a beautiful poem that will comfort anyone going through such a loss. warning… you may shed a tear or two.



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