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Junior High Already???

My son is entering Junior High next year and I truly can not believe it!!  Forget about him, but when did I become old enough to have a child in Grade 7??  Everyone always said, before you know it they will be teenagers, but really it’s true.  The decisions become so much more complicated and when did he have such strong opinions about things?  I used to be able to organize his activites and get his feedback on the fly, now he has his own directions and seems so grown up.  I am the accompianist not the facilitator.  Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for him as he ventures into this next phase of his life but I think there will always be a small part of me that misses the big brown eyes looking up at me and with complete abandoment!!!
These last few moths we have had the task of picking a Junior High School.  I had his Dad become involved as I felt I was to emotionally attached.  We went to the open houses, asked questions and listened.  After each open house there was a list compiled of positives and negative as well as a comparison to where we had already been.  I was amazed at how much the feel of a school factored in.  I was often a fly on the wall for these conversations and had to bite my tongue as I ached to direct the choice to what I wanted!!!! This whole process has really taught me how grown up he is as he rationalized his choice in so many ways and presented a good case for where he wanted to go.  By no means is he an adult but we are trusting his choice and supporting him 100%, I am holding my breath and look forward to next year.  YIKES!!!

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