Published on September 11th, 2013 | by Chrissie Collins


How To Fit In Exercise With Kids

Yes I am fighting the battle of trying to fit in exercise and be a good Mom! Well not always as easy as it should be…..yes I need to be healthy and happy to be a good Mom but where is the balance? So this busy Sept I logged on to My Fitness Pal free app.  I love the ease of it and often compare it to weight watchers… This is where I declared 60 days to a healthier me or I quit forever, eat whatever, and abandon exercise! Well 10 days in I no longer log into my fitness pal as I am running around to choir, play practice, singing lessons, gymnastics, piano, etc etc.. But I have taken the challenge seriously and I am incorporating fitness whenever I can. I’ll log into My fitness pal again on Thursday when I take time to breathe!! But it has made me think!


Christina and I went for lunch on Friday, and I made her do stairs after – in her heels and much to the laughs of the fitness buffs sweating it up ahead of us. 20 min but 20 more then I would have gotten that day otherwise. On Saturday I committed, I made my friend Colleen get up to go for a run at 9 am.  I always feel a major need to not cancel so I knew I would go. Boom a 1 hour run!!  Today while we were waiting for my daughter at gymnastics, I dragged my son for a walk and to climb those stairs rather then just sit and wait. Yesterday I pretend ran (I’m not very good: ) using Nike Running App and they cheered for me!  Another 30 min fill in. So I think I am on my way.. Thinking about a half marathon in November – Stay tuned.


Oh yeah and the food.. Ate at home every day last week, new record. Saved money and had 7 healthy meals. taking food out of the freezer the night before and pre thinking before shopping on Tues paid off! I think my husband might become to accustomed to it so I will have to stop this nonsense sooner then later. Saving money and being sensible is not what I am usually know for….


I guess making a decision and trying to stick to it, I realized that there are many more opportunities then I would have imagined to get healthy while being a good Mom!



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Christina is a mom of three incredibly handsome boys. Whether she is volunteering, shopping or running off to a spin class, Christina can hardly say she is ever bored. She hates cooking and cleaning, but thoroughly enjoys baking and doing fun activities with her little men.

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