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Games Galore!!

The night begins as we get the snacks ready, into our pajamas and pick the
possibilities for the night. Games night is always a hit with my daughter.  She
loves board games although she likes to make up the rules as she goes.  We enjoy
trying to keep up with her thoughts some nights.  This has been a great
opportunity for us to work on sportsmanship skills, learning to lose as well as
win.  There have been the nights that we have had to stop and walk away as we
learn those hard lessons!  Being able to call it and stop is often more of a
lesson for my children then catering to bad choices.
>  We have
had many favorites throughout the years and come back to the old failthfuls from
time to time.  Clue has been on the list from the “Who Stole the Cookies”
version to the crime scene game, it is always a hit.  Well, this is also the
game that Mom ususally wins:) Jenga is a classic and gets the nerves going – the
kids used to squeal with excitment as they placed thier block.  Monopoly is
another must have for any family although it can go for days in our house and
ends up on the table waiting for the next move.  The theme versions are lots of
fun form Star wars to Canada.  Watching my husband play Zingo! shouting out when
the kids were young was just as much fun as playing and the kids loved his
enthusiasm.  We often have to schedule them in our busy lives but games nights
are a little escape from reality for an evening!!

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