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Chuck ‘e’ Cheese Really Can Be Fun!!!

Chuck ‘e’ Cheese

My latest visit to Chuck “E”Cheese South Edmonton came with a big surprise… It had renovated, I have not been there in over a year and WOW it was twice the size….  When the kids were younger it was often a place to go to entertain and escape the snow.  There are the video games, carnival games, mini rides, and tunnels to run and play in.   The games this time included a big screen touch screen “Fruit Ninja”, the active “Running Man” we call it, the ball game, basketball, roller coaster and picture with Chuck” E”Cheese, the ski doo simulator and to many more to list!

Let the fun begin!

The food is passable, the salad bar offers a variety of fresh looking vegetables and the pizza is less greasy then one might expect.  The kids like it, and the drinks are unlimited which is nice, this way I can add water to the juice or half fill glasses.  There are sandwiches, wings, hotdogs, breadsticks, and fries as well, although that is the full extent of the menu.  Everything is baked no deep frying, they seem to try to make choices as healthy as possible.  It is also reasonably priced for the “carnival” atmosphere… The food is a good break after some play so I have asked them to hold off cooking our food for a little so the kids are ready for a break and not trying to rush through to lay the games.

The tokens are what ends up costing the money…. Do print coupons before you go from it is a substantial savings.  Some tricks to make them last longer include giving them five at a time and having them come back for more.  I give them time lines to fill, encouraging them to cheer their friends on, play in the tunnels, dance with Chuckie (you get free tickets), before coming back for more tokens.  Setting a budget before and letting them help you deicide how to use it allows them to understand what they have to use that day.  When they play the games they get “tickets” that they can turn in for prizes.  The prizes and ticket amounts vary offering everything from candy to board games depending on the day.  Big tip- you can pay to even out tickets quantities with siblings, or if the item they can not live without is more tickets then they have.  The cost is also extremely reasonable.  Also the “Ticket Muncher” used to count the tickets is an activity in itself!!!


Birthday parties are expensive but easy!!  We had a couple there when the kids were 7 and 8.  Everything can be included from cake to loot bags.  The website has a well laid out listing of what they offer  There is no decorating or cleaning up which I really appreciate.  They have the tables reserved for two hours but unless you are buying extra tokens that is long for young kids as they use them fast.  you can have parents come earlier to avoid stress:) You can also hold fundraisers for organizations and have 15 percent of the day donated to your group.

Age appropriateness is hard to say as they do a great job of having a variety of games.  The invisible hand stamp that matches your child in order to leave the premises is nice for little kids, and also for the 6-10 age group to allow them to have somewhat stress free freedom from Mom!  My 12 year old really enjoyed a bunch of the games that were to hard for him in the past, and I had thought he would find it to little kiddie.. One time a group of older teenagers were there and they had handfuls of tickets which they generously bequeathed to my children much to their amazement.  I think the staff do a great job of being visible and circulating around, and the kids love it when I play and I actually enjoy lots of the games too…

For an easy afternoon full of smiles and laughs try out the cliche entertainment of Chuck”E”Cheese!  The information in this article is my own opinion and has not been solicited by the company.

Teachable Moment: great place to practice math skills..  Counting tickets, adding up tickets and deciding if they have enough to get what they want!


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