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After Childbirth – What No One Tells you

While having children can be one of the most important and fulfilling jobs we can sign up for; life as you know it, changes.

In the world of newborns, “scheduling” is a very difficult word to use. You are on duty 24/7 with heaps of foul smelling diapers and loads of laundry piled on the couch.  Your nipples have scabbed over (sorry for the visual), and if no one told you to have lansinoh lotion on hand, then they are not your friend (especially if they have been through this already)… Be ready for some discomfort when your milk comes in, some nice warm compresses on the ladies will help. A breast pump will come in handy as well, during those times when baby is sleeping but your ladies are ready to feed!  Be sure to call the nurse if latching or engorged breast become an issue, that is why they are there! I think I called three times…

With all of that, comes extreme exhaustion and the last thing on your mind is taking care of yourself.  Surprisingly, this stage can last a long time (depending on your mindset). Before you know it, you’ve missed two hair appointments and your roots are as long as your index finger. Your once manicured nails are screaming for moisture and a nail file.

You are excited to wear a belt again, but wait a second; your midsection is incredibly mushy and your breasts are the size of watermelons!! How can this be?  My babies have moved into a different stage of childhood, but where was the baboosh baby belt when I needed it??  Don’t get me wrong, I would do it all over again (varicose veins and all), but I wouldn’t mind a little heads up about all the tricks out there!

The one person I forgot to mention is that significant other who has stood by your side as you experience all of these changes. Make sure to snuggle with your partner. Remember that they must feel a little left during this process; it must be scary for them as they can’t really understand what you are going through and can only help so much. They need to bond with baby as much as baby needs you!



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